Santa Monica Beach

Island of
Boa Vista

Cape Verde

The meeting of the turquoise blue of the water with the white sand of this magnificent beach is something magical. There, you can see the beauty of nature in all its splendor. This beach still retains a wild side that is unique and makes it so special.

By Cape Verde Travel Guide

A fantastic beach – despite the wind

Boa Vista is known for its beaches. Santa Monica is considered one of the most beautiful beaches… of the world.

Ideal for strolling and relaxing, it is ideal for those looking for calm and relaxing the mind. At certain times of the year it is possible to see crabs or turtles on their sand.
What if a beach of the most beautiful in the world could be for you? During a few hours of the day it may be possible, as it is not very busy. A place not to be missed, on the part of those who visit the Island of Boa Vista.

About the Beach

How to get to Santa Monica Beach?

Access to Santa Monica beach is not easy. It is best to go with rentals, or else rent a car (car, jeep, van or quad). The important thing is that it’s 4×4, so as not to run the risk of the car running out of traction and buried in the sand.

What do you need (other than the means of transport)?

Temperatures are generally high. It is necessary to have water so as not to become dehydrated.

Due to the climate and sun exposure of being on the beach, it is advisable to have a (good) sunscreen.

GPS is ideal for finding the way to visit Santa Monica Beach

It may be ideal to bring food if you want to stay there for a while. There are no options around to eat.

A phone can be important to communicate with others if needed.

Location of Santa Monica Beach

What to bring?

  • Acessórios de Beach

Bathing suit, shorts, towel, sunglasses, slippers and sunscreen.

  • Água e%

If you spend a full day at the beach, you may want to eat or stay hydrated, so you should bring some food and drink.


  • Uma praia bela e fantástica

Santa Monica Beach is a fantastic place for beach lovers.

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