Vegetarian / Vegan cachupa

Cachupa vegentariana à moda Cabo Verde Travel Guide

Are you looking for a vegetarian / vegan cachupa? When we talk about Cape Verdean food, cachupa is an unavoidable dish. There are versions with meat, fish, and seafood. And its versatility makes it ideal for vegetarians and vegans as well. A cozy dish.

Since cachupa can be made in several ways, the Cape Verde Travel Guide brings you a simple and, at the same time, delicious recipe.

Vegetarian (and vegan) cachupa

With a base of corn and beans to which various legumes are added, cachupa turns out to be quite rich in nutrients and a very satisfying, energetic, and tasty dish. Ideal for nature lovers, who often visit Cape Verde for activities that require effort, such as hiking, water sports, or even just being on the beach all day.

How to make this Vegetarian Cachupa?

The base

The first step is to soak overnight the ingredients that will serve as the basis for this cachupa: corn, congo beans (you can also use red beans), and kidney beans – which can be easily found in Cape Verdean markets.

After being well soaked and washed, they should be cooked in a pressure cooker for about 1:30 min, to get them just right. If the beans are red, you may not need as much time.

The stew

Next we will sauté in a pan mushrooms, which should be sautéed with a little olive oil, bay leaf, sweet bell pepper, onion (or chives, if you prefer), and garlic, to which we add vegetables such as cabbage and eggplant. This tasty mixture, which brings together the flavor of the vegetables and the spices, creates a refined flavor.

After sautéing, these should be added to the bean and corn base, stirred, and left to cook for a little longer, until the flavors blend together. Check seasoning and add spices if necessary.

P.S: in case you want to put in products like seitan (which would make the Cachupa no longer gluten-free) or processed soy – like soy sausages or hamburgers, for example, you can also do that. In this case we chose to use vegetables exclusively, to avoid processed foods.


The cachupa can be served immediately. Some people eat it alone, others use side dishes like rice, potato, or manioc, along with the cachupa.

Wine pairing

Since cachupa, even though it is vegetarian, turns out to be a strong dish, it can be paired with a light red wine. At the national level there is the wine from Fogo Island, which can go well with Cachupa. Internationally you can opt for a less full-bodied Douro wine, for example, to delight yourself while tasting this dish.

What will make the difference?

One of the big points that can make this cachupa special is the quality of the ingredients. If possible, use fresh ingredients, as natural as possible, which have an intensified flavor. In the local markets, you can find many of these ingredients, coming from the different islands, like Santo Antão, Fogo, Santiago, or even Maio (and its famous flor de sal).

Ingredients (Vegetarian and gluten free cachupa):

  • Stone beans
  • Congo (or red) beans
  • Mushrooms
  • Red Pepper
  • Kale (Cabbage)
  • Zucchini
  • Garlic
  • Onion (or chive)
  • Olive oil
  • Blond
  • Sal
  • Pepper

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