Viana Desert

Boa Vista Island

Cape Verde

Boa Vista Island has a desert you can visit. Marvel at the magnificent lunar landscapes of the Viana Rabil Desert.

By Cape Verde Travel Guide

The Rabil Desert in Boa Vista

Love for the desert is a contradiction: If “there is nothing”, why fascinate people so much? Maybe the sense of discovery, of danger. Because it’s a distant place, where we can. at the same time, feel alone and small. And for its mirages and landscapes that have both inhospitable and beautiful.

In the Northwest of the island, where the town of Sal Rei is located, you can also find the Viana-Rabil desert. Learn more.

Why visit the Viana Desert?

Boa Vista Island has a small desert, with no quicksands, but whose lunar appearance makes you feel like you’re on another planet.
They are km of terraces, which can be traveled with means of transport 4×4, and where it is possible to observe the beauty of the white sand, brought by the winds across the Atlantic, mixed with a darker sand, characteristic of the islands of volcanic origin, as in the case of Boa Vista. Among the sand, the toughest plants add a little green, here and there, among the dunes that make up this desert.
And although it’s not a big desert in terms of area, you can have the experience of understanding what a Sahara would look like – only with fewer risks (since it has no quicksands or such dangerous animals). Not to be missed!

What care is needed to take?

If you are going to travel to the desert it is important to take some care, in order to ensure that your trip will run in the best way.
Ideally, if you do not know the area is to go accompanied by a local guide. However, if you rent a 4×4 and go by your own means, you should be communicable and take some supplies (if you have an unforeseen event). Water and light and heavier clothing (due to night/day temperature fluctuation) are also important.

Location of viana desert

What to bring?

  • Água e%

It is important to bring water and light food, especially given that the desert, although small, is in a secluded place. In the event of an unforeseen event, it will be useful.

  • Usar um%ículo 4x4

Whatever means to enter the desert (quad, buggy, jeep or pickup), you should have 4-wheel drive, preventing you from getting stuck in the sand.

  • Estar comunicaável e%

Being communicable is critical. That’s why cell phone and GPS are important.


  • Experiência única

The beauty of a mini Sahara, right in the middle of Boavista Island. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

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