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Located at the opposite end, on the island of Santiago, from the city of Praia, Tarrafal beach is the ideal place to lose track of time. Learn more about this wonderful beach.

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Praia do Tarrafal – worthy of a travel postcard

Looking at the beach, the scenery is perfect and worthy of a travel postcard. The bay, where the flat beach, washed by the ocean, contrasts with the mountains in the background. On the beach the fishermen’s garish boats complete the scenery, seemingly waiting for the next trip.

Why visit Tarrafal Beach?

A place with few people

Tarrafal beach is a place with few people, which allows those who visit it to be quite at ease. Ideal to relax and to walk by the sea on its clear sand, sunbathe and enjoy the warm and clear water that it presents.

Next to the beach there are restaurants. It is well located, close to the village. The access to the beach is flat and simple. Tarrafal Beach is probably the best beach in the wonderful Santiago Island, although there are other beaches like Kebra Kanela or São Francisco. Fall in love with its extensive sandy beach and crystalline waters.

Also, if you like water sports, you can always go snorkeling or surfing, for example.

How to get to Tarrafal beach?

For those in Cidade da Praia, Tarrafal is more than an hour’s drive away. You can get there by car, hiace or bus across the island. Near Tarrafal Beach, you can find the Resistance Museum, another point of interest for tourists visiting the place and wanting to know more about Cape Verde’s history.

Location of Praia do Tarrafal

What to bring?

Don’t forget your bathing suit, towel, sunscreen, and flip-flops. Beach is beach and it is to be enjoyed.

If you are going to spend all day at the Beach, although there are restaurants nearby, you may always want to bring some Snacks and water to the beach.

You should be contactable in case of any eventuality. It takes about two hours from Tarrafal to the city of Praia, so you may need to talk to someone in case of an eventuality.


The beach is fantastic. Extensive and clear sand, where you can see the traditional local boats.

  • A duas horas da Cidade da Praia

You can go by bus, hiace, or car from Praia City. It takes about two hours to cross to the opposite end of the island, where the village of Tarrafal and the beach of the same name are located.

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